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❤I Love Art!🎨 And I have collected Beautiful quotes⚘ since I was a child. So… This is a Page dedicated to both.🤗

I DO Hope you will appreciate some of my favorites and add them to your collection.

I am a French Creole Witch,🔥 from The Heart of the Garden District🌸…

Of New Orleans.⚜

….And My Ancestors Are💀…

The Witches Of The New Orleans French Quarter.⚜


… to a Little Window of Those things things I find Beautiful, 🌹Interesting,🌸 Thought Provoking, And Intriguing.🤔

❤Blessed Be.🙏

⚜The Hidden One, From The Paris🗼…. Of America🏡

⚜New Orleans:(Nicknamed: 🗼”The Southern Paris”🔺

❤Thanks for Stopping By⚘💋


☥Welcome to My Art…🎨🖌 & Enlightenment🕯 Blog🙏💞

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  • Marie Laveau, Woman of Mystery

    September 13, 2021 by

    Originally posted on witchlike:
    She was one of the most powerful and influential women of nineteenth century New Orleans, rumored to be a great priestess of Voodoo, as well as a practicing Catholic.? She was a healer, a midwife, possibly a hairdresser and mother of at least nine children. To this day, her ghost is…

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